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2017-06-02 Heidi Connal, Executive Coach, Connal Coaching,
This was an extraordinary experience. Dan Green is an outstanding instructor with deep knowledge of emotional intelligence and the EQ-I 2.0 tool. I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to grow and learn their EQ background.
2017-06-01 Melissa Conforti
Leadership Call was wonderful to work with and provided many useful resources to prepare us and to leverage in our own practices, once we were certified. Our instructor, Dr. Dan Green, was highly engaging and authentic; he not only guided us through the requisite certification content, but shared with us his deep knowledge of emotional Intelligence and practical applications of it. I am grateful for the opportunities that the EQ-i 2.0 certification has already started to bring for me.
2017-04-03 Dina Smith Executive Coach
Ed provided a rich learning experience and both he and Chris were lovely to work with- I highly recommend !!
2017-02-08 Polli DeWalt, Federal Aviation Administration
Ed and Chris are stellar educators. Their unique approach allowed me to quickly grasp and apply complex concepts. Chris and Ed made sure our experience from start to finish was painless. I attribute this to their superior organization, their mastery of the subject and their ability to connect with their clients. They also provided many practitioner tips and tricks garnered from many years of practice. I’m confident I will be able to convey meaningful information in a concise format for clients and leaders throughout my organization. Thanks to you both!
2017-02-06 Susan Shapiro, President and Executive Coach, Onpoint Leadership
As a coach for 10 years, I have been through many certification courses. By far, this one prepared me better for anything that can happen in a debrief and in coaching the client. Ed and Chris are easy to work with, understand what coaches do, respect what we do and were so professional and the materials they share are so valuable to any coaching engagement. I highly recommend this for coaches internal and external because EQ contains fundamental leadership competencies. It is appropriate for all levels of leadership and for teams as well. I love that the 360 ties directly in to the EQ-i 2.0. Chris and Ed really made the material come alive with rich examples. The practice we did together really helped us solidify our learning. They both have such a deep understanding for the material, plus their passion for the topic shined through. I had been meaning to take this course for 2 years and finally made it my goal for the year. Best decision I have made! They were so professional every step of the way!
2017-02-06 Executive Coach
Chris and Ed were unbeatable. I really thought the pre-work modules were very effective. I loved everything about the course and the delivery. I can't wait to apply it to my work and I will recommend it to all my colleagues.
2017-02-03 Leadership Coach
Ed and Chris far exceeded my expectations. Their materials were imperative for understanding and practicing using the assessment. They both are so knowledgeable (clear subject matter experts) whose passion is helping others not only learn how to use the assessment, but UNDERSTAND the concepts so as to serve our clients well. Their humor and easy spirits made all the difference in working through and retaining this very deep material. Kudos to Leadership Call for outstanding training!
2017-01-29 Amanda Ono, Head Of Talent, Resolver Inc.
Thank YOU! Being a facilitator myself, I know how it can be to maintain energy and manage different learners. I really appreciated your style...humour and candour go a long way! The personal touches you and Chris put into your program really show. Thanks Again! Amanda
2017-01-03 Sue Edwards, President of Development by Design
Ed and Chris are a dynamic duo who not only provide and exceptional training experience, but are clearly invested in the success of the participants and in their future use of the assessments. The “Backroom” logistics of getting materials to me on a short notice was seamless as was receiving my ICF credentials in an exceptionally timely manner when I was pressed for time. Ed’s pacing in the training was well balanced, covering material without being pedantic, being responsive to the learning ability of the group and the respective individual needs. He shared real world examples to bring the practical applications to life, rather than taking an academic approach. He responded well to challenging questions.
2017-01-03 Bob Willumsen, President, Potential 2 Results, LLC
It’s very clear that Ed works at a mastery level both using and teaching EQi materials. His strength in teaching others how to use EQi 2.0 and EQi 360 assessments comes from years of experience leveraging them to help others grow. Additionally, Ed and Chris provide practical business building tips and tools that add value beyond what I had expected. You should hire them!
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