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2016-11-21 Ashlee Jenkins SSM Health, LCSW, Org. Dev. Partner
Leadership Call did not let me down! Ed and Chris are absolutely amazing. I was skeptical about receiving my certification via an online course but it did not disappoint! The course was very engaging, energetic, and interactive and I enjoyed being able to do it from my own office. The training materials were given in plenty of time and were very useful throughout the course. They will also prove beneficial when EQ rolls out to my company! The trainer was so knowledgeable, yet down to earth. Thank you for a great experience!
2016-11-11 Karen Romero, Principle, Summit Advisors Contact Cell phone 7196490673. Connect through Linkedin
Ed and Chris provided a professionally developed and delivered curriculum that enabled me to successfully complete the EQ-i2.0 and EQ260 certification. During the workshop, Ed provided valuable guidance for use of EQ assessments and key reports that met my immediate client needs.
2016-09-21 Rick Weston TWR
The training from Ed was first rate. The pace was perfect and it was interesting material. I never felt bored or disinterested and the time passed quickly. Ed took all the time necessary to make sure we understood the information before pressing onward. He made it personal and that helped it sink in better. This is probably the best course I’ve taken.
2016-08-24 Jami L. Cotler, PhD
Ed and Chris Hennessy make an outstanding team. The certification training was organized and Chris really thought of everything! Ed did an incredible job teaching using the online platform. I felt engaged throughout the training program. I learned so much about the EQi 2.0 assessment and emotional intelligence in general and I just finished writing a dissertation about teaching emotional intelligence online. Ed and Chris offer an exemplary training certification program. In addition to their professionalism and talent as presenters, they are both also incredible and compassionate human beings. Thank you!
2016-07-26 Valerie Keels, Head of DC Office Services, Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, Washington, DC
My name is Valerie Keels, and serve as Head of DC office Services with Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance in Washington, DC. As HR business partner for the DC office, it is incumbent upon me to both utilize emotional intelligence skills, as well as coach staff on the development of those skills. This led me to complete the EQ-i 2.0 certification program with Leadership Call. With all of the EI information available, I was not sure what to expect through this certification, but since the Leadership Call certification was accepted by both HRCI and SHRM, I felt this program was legitimate and “fit for purpose.” The program trainers, Ed and Chris Hennessy where knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. They provided a very thorough overview of the EQ-i 2.0 tool, and delivered comprehensive training on the interpretation and coaching of results. I am convinced that it was their knowledge of the tool, training skills, and impactful preparation materials and advice that led to my being able to successfully pass the certification exam. I am totally psyched and ready to use the EQ-i 2.0 in my work environments
2016-07-25 Debra DelBelso Director, Career Education and Professional Development Siena College
The workshop was wonderful! Ed was a fantastic trainer and the real world experiences that he shared were instrumental in helping me assimilate and remember the material. Operations were great!
2016-06-27 Cheryl Arrowood CEO & Managing Member Coverdale North America, LLC
This program is perfect for those who wish to advance and develop their coaching skills. The EQ workshop, facilitated by Ed Hennessy, provided a deeper insight into the EQ and tools to help our clients work on strategies improving their EQ. Thank you Ed & Chris for this learning experience.
2016-06-21 Miriam Frank, Executive Coach, San Diego, CA
Ed and Chris make a great training team – the materials were meticulously organized by Chris, who also ran the pre-and post-training activities flawlessly. Ed was a great trainer, kept us on perfect track while still being flexible and ensuring we had the info we needed in order to emerge from the class with confidence. Learned much more than I would have expected in such a short time.
2016-02-22 Susan Gilell-Stuy/ Managing Principle and Executive Coach - Leadership Compound
I did my homework before selecting Leadership Call for my certification instruction and the program far exceeded the high expectations I had going in. From my initial telephone call, throughout the certification training and beyond Chris and Ed delivered excellence at every turn. They are overall wise instructors whose knowledge and skill prepare you to immediately begin using the assessment with your clients to its fullest. Ed’s knowledge of the tool, sharing of practical tips and strategies learned through experience and his overall knowledge of EQ is invaluable. I am certified in several instruments and this by far was the most focused, insightful, and information packed program I have experienced and it gave me the confidence and knowledge needed to begin using the tool to its fullest upon certification. Ed and Chris deliver more than just a quality program they are driven to do whatever it takes to help you succeed in becoming certified and into the future. I have no hesitation in recommending Leadership Call!
2016-01-15 Dr. Muyia, Clinical Associate professor, TAMU
Thank you for opening my eyes to the ‘practitioner’ side of Emotional Intelligence. This program provided me with a practical and every day application of emotional intelligence and strategies for both personal wellbeing and career success, not just academic theory.
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