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Emotional Intelligence & Higher Education
Academic success is not just determined by cognitive intelligence skills, but is also a function of factors that are emotional and social in nature (Parker, Summerfeldt, Hogan, & Majeski, 2004).
Many potentially stressful lifestyle changes take place during the first years of post-secondary education:
learning to live independently
developing new friendships
keeping up with the demands of a new academic environment
potential increased financial stress
balancing part-time work and studying
competing for fewer jobs 
Successful adaptation to these lifestyle changes is directly related to emotional intelligence (EI).

In the largest, most representative student survey that has been conducted by the Higher Education Research Institute (HERI), over 38,000 first-year students were surveyed from more than 144 post-secondary institutions (Your First College Year, 2005). This survey indicated that a large portion of first-year students felt overwhelmed (39%) or lonely (49%), or were worried about meeting new people (42%). They indicated concerns about having to break away from their families in order to succeed. Students described themselves as going through serious changes in self-concept during the first year of college or university. It is clear that the majority of these issues are not about academic skills or cognitive intelligence, but pertain directly to emotional and social skills that are connected to EI.


The EQ-i 2.0 Higher Education results provide a framework for understanding a students current EI skills in order to foster academic success. Areas of strength and areas for improvement are pinpointed. Finally, results can link directly to strategies and curriculum to improve facets of EI (e.g., through self-improvement techniques and training), and thus improve the likelihood of academic success.


The Student Summary Report:  Sample Report

The Student Summary Report is a 7-page report that describes the entire EQ-i 2.0 model and provides an interpretive summary of the student’s results on 6 of the subscales (their top three and bottom three scores). Results for the remaining subscales are shown with specific development strategies for all 15 subscales to ensure the students have plenty of resources to improve all of their EI skills, should they desire to work on areas outside of their top and bottom scores. Actual scores are not included in the Student Summary Report; only interpretive graphs are presented.

The Student Summary Report can be automatically generated and emailed to the student upon item completion. This report is best incorporated into a feedback session with the student and EQ-i Certified Practitioner; (although NOT required). However, students who are flagged within the report as scoring low in a specific skill should receive a feedback session on their results and a development plan specific to that skill.


The Student Comprehensive Report: Sample Report

The Student Comprehensive Report is a 13-page report that contains results, interpretive text, and development strategies for all 15 subscales. One report option is to include scores that provide specific, numeric feedback. Due to the depth of information in this report and the relative maturity required to effectively plan and carry out the developmental strategies, this report must only be given to the student under the direct supervision of a  EQ-i Certified Practitioner.

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