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Organizations want people skilled in Emotional Intelligence.
Prepare yourself for the emotional intelligence based behavioral interview.  We have over 20 years of executive recruiting experience and provide emotional intelligence training to clients around the globe and leaders at all levels.
Research shows that Emotional Intelligence can account for 15% to 45% of work success. 
Over 16,000 people were tested on their EI and the top 3-5 skills were identified for multiple occupations.
Leverage Emotional Intelligence to excel during your interview.

Schedule your "Leadership Call". Contact Us if you'd like to review the top Emotional Intelligence skills for your occupation and engage in a behavioral interview role play based on these skills.
Sessions are $250.00 for one hour.  

EQ-i Impact on Hiring
EQ-i Impacts Retention and Performance In a large beverage firm using standard methods to hire division presidents, 50% left within two years, mostly because of poor performance. When they started selecting based on emotional competencies such as initiative, self-confidence, and leadership, only 6% left in two years. Furthermore, the executives selected based on emotional competence were far more likely to perform in the top third based on salary bonuses for performance of the divisions they led: 87% were in the top third. In addition, division leaders with these competencies outperformed their targets by 15 to 20 percent. Those who lacked them under-performed by almost 20%
EQ-i Improves Productivity After supervisors in a manufacturing plant received training in emotional competencies such as how to listen better and help employees resolve problems on their own, lost-time accidents were reduced by 50 percent, formal grievances were reduced from an average of 15 per year to 3 per year, and the plant exceeded productivity goals by $250,000. In another manufacturing plant where supervisors received similar training, production increased 17 percent. There was no such increase in production for a group of matched supervisors who were not trained
Research Provided by: Multi- Health Systems, Inc.- North Tonawanda, NY

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