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Emotional Intelligence & Leadership
These leadership dimensions were identified from research conducted on 220 high performing leaders who took the EQ-i 2.0 and who also responded to a leadership assessment measuring performance across these four areas of leadership. These leaders held positions of mid-level management through to C-suite leadership roles and were from a variety of industries. The majority of leaders were working in large organizations of over 400 employees.
As a group, the leaders had significantly higher EI than the general population. In fact,  the average total EI score for leaders was 14 points higher than that of the general public.  Leaders can compare themselves to the top 50% of the norm group,  a "best of the best" perspective.
How is EI linked to leadership? In addition to the research supporting this report, fifteen years of research has shown that leaders tend to score higher in EI than the general population. Also, many professionals find it easier to focus on a few specific skills that underlie broader leadership competencies making the EQ-i skills the perfect building blocks to reaching leadership potential. 
EQ-i Impact on Leadership

EQ Helps Companies Select Top Performers and Reduce Turnover: "Research on 181 job descriptions at 121 companies worldwide showed that 2 out of 3 abilities vital for success were behavioral competencies such as trustworthiness, adaptability and a talent for cooperation."


EQ Predicts Top Performance: "Studies of close to 500 organizations worldwide indicate that people who score highest on EQ measures rise to the top of corporations. Among other things, these "star performers" possess more interpersonal skills and confidence than "regular employees" who receive less favorable performance reviews.”

A high EQ creates opportunity for promotion: Research tracking over 160 high performing individuals in a variety of industries and job levels revealed that emotional intelligence was two times more important in contributing to excellence that intellect and expertise alone. 
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Research Provided by: Multi- Health Systems, Inc.- North Tonawanda, NY


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