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Innovation is found at the intersection of IQ & EQ

A successful leader will be aware of what they should contribute to both people and process.
2017-02-17 | 0 Comments

Emotional Intelligence Brings Organizational Vision Into Focus

Over the last few weeks I’ve been avidly watching Olympic athletes from around the world compete. While I listened to the interviews and heard about the tens of thousands of hours they invested in their goal, one thing became clear: They all had a vision of victory. 


2016-09-01 | 0 Comments

Judging EQ - Should You?

Do we want someone judging our overall level of EQ by observation of a limited aspect of our life?

2015-07-01 | 0 Comments

Leaders Build Leaders - Emotional Intelligence and the Coach perspective

 Leaders build leaders. Training Magazine recently ranked the top 125 organizations that excelled at employee development.
2015-05-14 | 0 Comments

Opt to be Optimistic...there are always Opportunities

We are excited to share another insightful Blog from Chris Hennessy. Chris is a Certified Emotional Intelligence Consultant that has written some of our most popular blogs in the past.
2014-12-04 | 1 Comments

Who is the "Glue" in your company?

In this Blog Chris talks about the special characteristics of those formal or informal leaders who help us stick together. They are people whose skill in Emotional Intelligence creates a resonance that allows for everyone to be in tune and "stick" together through the fast paced and complex challenges we face in our work day.
2014-12-01 | 0 Comments

Impulse Control - Simple Strategies for Excellence

This Blog is from Chris our Chief EI Workshop Operations Officer. In addition to her role with our company  she is a vibrant entrepreneur, multi million dollar sales executive, artist, photographer, wife, mom, and daughter. She embraces life and people with boundless energy and passion that resonates with everyone she meets.  We are excited to share this Blog with her insightful and practical thoughts on building Impulse Control.
How many times do we wish we could have an emotional "do over" and handle a situation differently? How often to we see business leaders publicly derail in social media? Lacking in the emotional intelligence skill of Impulse Control is one of the primary reasons for leader derailment. 
2014-03-08 | 1 Comments

Leading Change with Influence and Emotional Intelligence

One of my former military commanders was very clear about the importance of embracing change. "If you don't like change, you're going to like irrelevance even less." General Eric Shinseki, former U.S. Army Chief of Staff.  

2014-03-07 | 0 Comments

Your Will to Success

A wonderful blog by Chris Hennessy that helps us understand our will to succeed and how it can be strengthened with emotional intelligence.
2013-11-01 | 0 Comments

The Foundation of Mental Grit

Mental Grit- It impacts our performance and our ability to succeed under extreme circumstances.  It's foundation is connected to skills in emotional intelligence. 

2013-07-18 | 0 Comments
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