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Times have changed. World class organizations realize now more than ever that continued market leadership  is based in hiring and developing the best talent available.  While most hiring managers communicate that cognitive and technical skills remain important the critical challenge is finding people that have "it", the "X"factor, "people skills", "the right stuff" ultimately what they are searching for are people with a solid foundation in Emotional Intelligence.  Employers realize that in most cases technical skills or industry specific cognitive knowledge can be learned without difficulty. Leadership is the skill set that is most highly valued whether it is leadership of self, a team, division, or an entire company.
How do you separate the best candidate from a group of talented and accomplished candidates?
Enhance your talent acquisition process through the use of Emotional Intelligence assessment.  We can incorporate an EQi assessment  for  your candidates at any point in the interview process although we recommend just before the final round of interviews. We provide a detailed EQi  Report and a telephonic review consulting with you on areas to probe during the final interview as well as comparing and contrasting individual candidate strengths and areas of concern.
World class organizations realize continued market leadership  is based in hiring and developing the best talent available. Published by MHS, the EQ-i has been shown to be a strong predictor of success and is frequently used in employee selection and development. The 15 factors it measures are often regarded as the building blocks of complex business skills.

Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQi®) 

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EQi Impact on Hiring
EQi Impacts Retention and Performance In a large beverage firm using standard methods to hire division presidents, 50% left within two years, mostly because of poor performance. When they started selecting based on emotional competencies such as initiative, self-confidence, and leadership, only 6% left in two years. Furthermore, the executives selected based on emotional competence were far more likely to perform in the top third based on salary bonuses for performance of the divisions they led: 87% were in the top third. In addition, division leaders with these competencies outperformed their targets by 15 to 20 percent. Those who lacked them under-performed by almost 20%
EQi Improves Productivity After supervisors in a manufacturing plant received training in emotional competencies such as how to listen better and help employees resolve problems on their own, lost-time accidents were reduced by 50 percent, formal grievances were reduced from an average of 15 per year to 3 per year, and the plant exceeded productivity goals by $250,000. In another manufacturing plant where supervisors received similar training, production increased 17 percent. There was no such increase in production for a group of matched supervisors who were not trained
Research Provided by: Multi- Health Systems, Inc.- North Tonawanda, NY

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