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The EQ-i® is the first scientifically validated Emotional Intelligence (EI) tool in the world. Great starting point, we agree…but your next question is likely, “but does it work?” More importantly, will the EQ-i really make a difference for your leaders? The proof is in the results, and the EQ-i  has the results to prove it.



Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) - Global provider of executive education with an exclusive focus on leadership education and research

• This study was conducted with the world-famous training center (CCL), and it looked at 302 leaders and senior managers, some who were quite successful and others who were struggling. They were tested for emotional intelligence with the EQ-i and were also measured on leadership performance based on feedback from superiors, peers and subordinates. The findings showed that eight emotional intelligence subscales ie: self-awareness, stress tolerance and empathy (to name a few), could predict high leadership performance 80% of the time. This information allowed CCL to better assess leadership potential and determine areas for development within their teams.



Telecom New Zealand Lrd - New Zealand’s National telecommunications provider

• The company wanted to understand the relationship between EQ-i and leadership competencies to enhance training and coaching of leaders in their organization. They categorized 70 senior leaders into high, mid, and low performance groups and found that EQ-i scores accounted for 48 percent of what differentiated the high and low performing leaders. In other words, one-half of the skill set required for successful execution of this organization’s leadership competencies is comprised of emotional and social skills.


Ontario Principals’ Council (OPC) - Professional association representing practicing principals and vice principals in Ontario’s publicly funded schools

• A recent study using EQ-i was conducted among school administrators from nine Ontario school boards. Survey results showed that the leaders with higher EQ-i scores were also perceived by their peers to be the more successful administrators. Therefore, EQ-i scores were a significant predictor of successful school administration. The Council found the results so convincing that they created a curriculum for improving performance in the emotional and social skill areas that confer the highest competitive advantage to administrators.


United States Air Force - USAF

• When looking at first-year turnover of recruiters, the USAF used the EQ-i to study the differences between successful and unsuccessful recruiters. Using their findings from the EQ-i, the USAF developed a pre-employment screening system that led to a 92% reduction in first-year turnover and resulted in $2.7-million in training cost savings in the first year alone.


CIBC - Leading Canadian-based global financial institution

• The CIBC Global Private Banking and Trust team conducted a star performer study where their high and low performing sales associates were given the EQ-i assessment. The results showed conclusively that emotional intelligence skills can be directly associated with sales success. An individual’s test scores accounted for 32 percent of his or her booked sales and 71 percent of pipeline sales. The two key driving EI skill-sets for success were: interpersonal skills and self-actualization. Based on these results, MHS came up with a powerful tool that CIBC now uses for both the selection of new personnel and in leadership development.


Large Collection Agency - (company name hidden for privacy reasons)

• The EQ-i was used at a large collection agency in order to assess the secrets to success in recovering client’s money. The assessment was completed by their best collections agents as well as by their less successful co-workers. The more successful collection agents scored overall higher on the EQ-i. They had the highest scores in areas that you might guess would be important for conducting collections work; areas such as, stress tolerance, assertiveness, independence, optimism, and the right mix of empathy and impulse control. Further tracking was done, and over a six month period, it was found that the superior collectors brought in 100 percent of their quotas, compared with their less-successful peers, who languished at 47 percent. Also, the company started using a new system for selection of recruits that incorporated the EQ-i.


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